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July 9, 2011 at 2:35pm

When Hating Brenda Walsh Meant Something

In 1993 the underground nation of cool kids found a common cause in hating Brenda Walsh on “Beverly Hills 90210,” but the editors of the influential zine “Ben is Dead" took their hatred to the extreme by publishing an "I Hate Brenda" newsletter, an "I Hate Brenda” book, and recorded an EP called “Hating Brenda” (i own them all and you HAVE to watch the MTV News clip below.)

Anyway, I just found my copy of the record and finally uploaded it.  It’s a subpar mish-mash of ’90s styles (Lords of Acid techno on one track, Primus rock on another), but it’s still a fun document of the ’90s obsession with ironically obsessing over pop culture. It’s rare, so i just wanted to post a few tracks for the world to enjoy - the dance groove “Brenda Can’t Dance to This,” the Letters to Cleo-ish “Every Day Is Brenda Day,” and the hilarious slam poem “Who Is Brenda?”


You BURN to be set free

Once of inno-CENCE
and chocolate hair now turned to
and dare I say a false SENSE of impor-TANCE
You believe a plethora of worshippers 
Fan your fire.
That’s no surprise, for jaded eyes are pale
Brenda’s all sold out of her slick-lip-wet-kiss-big-miss-THANG-Beverly-Bank-hooked-on-crank 
sad to say I had to flip you off the TV 
channel to static
TV black 

03 Brenda Can’t Dance To This by lamestain 04 Every Day Is Brenda Day by lamestain 08 Who Is Brenda (A New Poem) by lamestain


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